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CSL Shanghai Shenhua 1-1 Guangzhou R&F

发布时间: 2013-07-01    来源: ShenhuaFC


Surely here it speaks for everyone of the team that it’s been the ninth draw of the season for us which should be a thought-provoking night about wondering if team could have done any better to get more points. Guangzhou scored on their first trial which proves how a lack of concentration could cost a lot. Rafael scored his 4th goal in recent 3 games, thanks to Yakubu’s through pass. The equalizer came on 41st minute with Firas’s penalty shot after his getting tripped over in the box was commit a foul by the Referee. This 1-1 tie made it a winless four matches of Shenhua and somehow the alarm was on.


Line-up of Shenhua

1-Wang Dalei5-Dai Lin2-Schiavi4-Li Jianbin12-Bai Jiajun(83’ 32-Liang Yu);、7-Wang Changqing(81’ 9-Gomes)8-Song Boxuan(79’ 15-Zhan Yilin)10-Zheng Kaimu27-Toranzo21-Jiang Kun(69' 28-Cao Yunding)11-Firas