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CSL Shanghai Shenhua 2-1 Wuhan Zall

发布时间: 2013-09-01    来源: ShenhuaFC

Official Announcement 31 August
3 questionable penalties made the controversial Thailand Ref take lead in the trend of match, particularly the one given to home team in 94 minute, caused the rage and chaos afterwards. The third victory in a row promoted Shenhua to the 6th on the table, though this winning might be a little dimmed and less decent for we didn't play with enough patience and organization. However, in the world of Professional football you need to win when you are not on your top, with luck or anything.
Line-up of Shenhua:
1-Wang Dalei;7-Wang Changqing、4-Li Jianbin、5-Dai Lin、12-Bai Jiajun(21-Jiang Kun 92');36-Wang Shouting、27-Toranzo、10-Moreno(2-Schiavi 88')、15-Zhan Yilin(28-Cao Yunding 56');11-Firas、9-Gomes