CSL Beijing Guoan 2-0 Shanghai Shenhua

发布时间: 2013-09-29    来源: ShenhuaFC


Along with the players’ inflows between Shenhua and Guoan, the hostility between two teams is starting to be diluted this year since now people realize that they are the only two clubs which remain the same names since the beginning of Chinese professional league.

It’d been a fair win of home team tonight for their pressure and desire to play crushed the organization of Shenhua just like what they always perform in Workers’ Stadium, although Gomes got an opportunity to shorten the advantage of Beijng. Utaka scored twice to prove himself a worth-while purchasing.


Line-up of Shenhua

1-Wang Dalei12-Bai Jiajun2-Schiavi(46’,9-Gomes)4-Li Jianbin5-Dai Lin19-Zheng Kaimu27-Toranzo8-Song Boxuan(74’,21-Jiang Kun)10-Moreno7-Wang Changqing11-Firas