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2016 CSL Most Popular Chinese Player Cao Yunding’s Acceptance Speech

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2016 Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League Award Ceremony was held in Kunming at 19:35 GMT on November 5. Various awards of CSL were presented. 2016 Most Popular Chinese Player Award was voted by netizens. After a fierce competition, Cao Yunding from Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club defeated Wu Xi from Jiangsu Suning Football Club and Ding Haifeng from Hebei China Fortune Football Club, winning the honor of Most Popular Chinese Player of this season.


Journalist: Can this Award be seen as the fans’ approval of your performance this season?


Cao Yunding: My performance this season was not good enough. I still have a lot to improve. I hope I could do a better job next year.


Journalist: Wu Xi and Ding Haifeng competed with you for the Most Popular Chinese Player Award this time. What do you think of their performances? How do you get along with them?


Cao Yunding: I didn’t know there was certain award until one of my friends told me about it. I never thought of whether I could achieve it, and to be honest, I was already very satisfied to be one of the three shortlisted candidates. This can be seen as the fans’ approval of my past performance, and at the same time, an encouragement for my future work. Both Wu Xi and Ding Haifeng are very capable players. I’m more familiar with Wu Xi because we used to work together for the Greenland Shenhua. He has superior and featured football skills and always has a stable and consistent performance.


Journalist: Going to the national squad can also be seen as an approval of your ability. What do you think of the national squad?


Cao Yunding: After all, I’m still a newcomer and I’m not familiar with various aspects. I hope to fit in the team as soon as possible and play well in the following matches.


Journalist: What’s Lippi’s impression of you? What role do you play in this team?


Cao Yunding: According to the training these two days, Lippi is a very strict coach and cares about details of all aspects. After all, I’ve been trained for only two days, so this is what I know for now.


Journalist: We’ve seen great progress of both Greenland Shenhua and you this season. Any comments on your performances?


Cao Yunding: It is not easy for our team to come fourth and secure a place in the next AFC Champions League. All the teams have put a lot of effort into this season and the competition was unprecedentedly fierce. In terms of our overall strength and involvement, it is uncertain for us to become top three or four in CSL. However, through the efforts of every team member, we achieve the goal, and I believe that the unified efforts yield positive results.


Journalist: The Greenland Shenhua will return to AFC Champions League. Do you have any expectation?


Cao Yunding: Of course I do! When I first came to Greenland Shenhua, our team got a chance to play in AFC Champions League. But I was not a regular player and was not mature enough at that time. Through the efforts all these years, I desire to play in AFC Champions League again and I’ll definitely cherish this opportunity. We’ll start from the qualifying next year, and we’ll be fully prepared to have a good performance in the two rounds.


Journalist: Are you going to set certain goals for the next season?


Cao Yunding: For me, I won’t set more goals for myself. None of these can be evaluated by numbers. In terms of my own performance and contribution, I’ll try my best to do better and better, and make more contribution to my team.


Journalist: What do you want to say to those fans that support you?


Cao Yunding: Thank you very much, all of my fans, for supporting and encouraging me no matter in good times or bad times. And thank you for voting for me, letting me win the honor of Most Popular Local Player. All my progress and growth these years can’t be separated from your support and love. This will also make me better improve myself in the matches of the club and the national squad in the future.


At the end of the interview, Cao Yunding further expresses his thanks to his family who quietly support him all these years, letting him be able to devote himself into the trainings and matches. Since his child was born, he has little time to take care of his family and child due to the tight schedule. It is his wife who has done a lot and he’s very grateful for her devotion. Only with the support and help of the family, can he better face the trainings and matches in the future.