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Cao Yunding on his debut in Team China: No stress, expecting for better performance

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19:35 BJT, November 15. Hosts China held 0-0 by Qatar in FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualifier for the final 12. Cao Yunding substituted in at 63 minute, his outstanding performance in 27 minutes was acknowledged by headcoach Lippi.

Journalist: How does it feel to enter Team China for the first time? Have you adapted to team’s  training?

Cao:  I feel much honored and excited to play for the national team. As for training, coach guided us very thoroughly and gave us tactical requirements. The cooperation among players was in run-in period at first. After the two-day training everyone coordinated with each other very well. After all, all of them are very capable players. 

Journalist: Did you feel excited when Lippi called your name?

Cao:  I was a little surprised but also really excited then. There was a little tight to my leg muscle which got me absent from the warm-up match, and I even had a bit altitude sickness, so it didn’t come to me that he would call me in. But I didn’t feel nervous, I must do my best now that I was on the field.

Journalist:  You play as left wing forward in both national and club teams, do you feel any difference in the cooperation?


Cao: Coach needs me to play more centered. There isn’t much problem in cooperation,  after all I had been playing soccer with Jiang Zhipeng since an early age. I believe that more practices will surely smooth the cooperation , which can be a little rusty for the lack of experience.


Journalist:   You had a pretty good in-cut kick at your fist try on the field, and also provided several effective centering pass. Do you feel content with your game tonight?


Cao:  I’ll grade tonight with a narrow pass. Many comment that the attempt was a good kick, however, fanciness has no point if I missed the goal. I’m still not good enough, hopefully I can seize the opportunity next time to help win the game.


Journalist:  There is about only half of your off-season time left back from the national team, what plan do you have in mind about your vacation.


Cao: Just to be a good dad at home.(Satisfied laugh)